Retirement (IRA’s)

You may be one of our many investors purchasing HIS Fund Promissory Notes on an after-tax basis. You can take advantage of the tax savings associated with Roth and Traditional IRA’s. GoldStar Trust Company is the custodian of choice for investors who desire to purchase HIS Fund Notes for their self-directed IRA’s. This will allow you to build your retirement income and at the same time know that your investment is working to build the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ by supporting the loan fund program of HIS Fund.

Investing through an IRA

Eligible investors in the Notes (unsecured debt securities) of Heritage Investment Services Fund, Inc. (HIS Fund) may also invest through a self-directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA). See the HIS Fund Prospectus for information on the terms of the Notes.

Goldstar Trust Company based in Canyon, Texas is the financial institution chosen to hold HIS Fund Notes in self-directed IRAs for which it is custodian. You can find out information about Goldstar Trust Company at its website If you would like an information packet on establishing an IRA with Goldstar Trust Company so that you can invest in HIS Fund Notes though your IRA, you may download it by clicking the forms listed on this page or you may contact the HIS Fund office or Goldstar Trust Company and request that it be mailed to you.

HIS Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and is not affiliated with Goldstar Trust Company in any way. Any information provided about Goldstar Trust Company is solely the responsibility of Goldstar Trust Company. HIS Fund disclaims any responsibility for compliance with IRA regulations, which is solely the responsibility of the IRA custodian and account holder.

5 year Jumbo Note: 4.25%**
5 year Term Note: 4.00%
4 year Term Note: 3.50%
2 ½ year Term Note: 3.25%
1 year Term Note: 3.00%
6 month Term Note: 2.75%
Demand Note: 2.25%*

* Demand Notes are not available in South Carolina.
** $100,000 minimum investment on new notes only.

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 The initial interest rate on all Notes will depend on the effective interest rates at the time of purchase. Term Notes pay interest at a rate fixed at the time of issuance. Once fixed, the interest rate on a Term Note will not be changed until the Note matures. Demand Notes pay interest at a variable interest. At least thirty (30) days prior to any decrease in the interest rate on a Demand Note, HIS Fund will notify the investor of such change. This information is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy the securities issued by HIS Fund. The offering is made only by the prospectus, which contains risk factors that you should carefully consider before investing.

No state securities agency has passed on the accuracy or adequacy of the offering circular nor do any such agencies recommend or endorse an investment in HIS Fund. The unsecured debt securities of HIS Fund are offered in the United States except in the following: Alaska, Hawaii, New York, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. The notes are not savings or deposit accounts or other obligations of a bank and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, any state bank insurance fund, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation or any other governmental agency.  

Due to impacts of COVID-19, New York is unable to process our application.  We are on hold until the state re-opens.