Building Project Consultant


Richard Fogal

Richard is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and has spent his entire career path in the construction industry.  He is currently president of Centura Associates, Inc. in Chambersburg, PA and has devoted his efforts to providing sound, creative, value-based services to over 300 church and church-related projects throughout the Northeast.  His experience and expertise in areas such as master planning, long range planning, site selection and/or evaluation, budget analysis, congregational presentations, as well as building design and consultation services have been a great asset to many projects funded by HIS Fund.  His services to the church community include:

  • working with church plants in acquiring their first facility
  • new site relocations
  • building additions and remodeling
  • re-purposing commercial buildings/spaces into worship facilities

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“Thank you for all the time and energy you put into our project.  We are so very happy with the way it turned out.  Your expertise is exceptional and the grace and finesse with which you handles every detail is amazing.  It’s obviously a gift!”

Kristy Bowers, Children’s Pastor




“We were especially grateful that Mr. Fogal was very creative in discovering the possibilities within our boundary and budget limits, while at the same time being forthright about what was beyond our financial capacities.  I am certain that had we not gone with an architect who understood our needs and our mission, we would have been hampered in our current work.  We could not be happier with the work Mr. Fogal did for us and I highly recommend him.”

Rev. Wayne H. Schaffer, Lead Pastor
Altoona, PA


“We relied on Richard’s expertise for the last six years to help us in our facilities reviews and future planning for RCC.  Our most recent project involved creating a new site in the Pittsburgh Mills Mall.  His experience and expertise were invaluable in designing and planning all the aspects of the project.  He assisted in selecting the contractor and walked along side us throughout the entire time until completion and opening day.  Richard could not have done a better job at leading us through all the phases of the design/build process, bringing the project in on time and with exceptional results.”

Donald C. Greb, Business Administrator
Oakmont, PA




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